We understand that you want to delete your MemberWire page, deleting your account doesn't mean that you will not charged for any memberships or any pending payment on your account.


If you are subscriber, and wishes to delete the MemberWire account, please make sure you have requested our support team to cancel your monthly or annual subscription, if you are in the middle month of your running monthly subscription, you will still be charged for that month. once you have cancelled, you can go ahead and delete your account.

You can still keep account for future, if once you have cancelled your active memberships in case you are worried.


If you are an creator, and wishes to make your account private, which means that  you want to keep your account, but don't want to appear is search, please raise an support ticket with us, we will make your account private, we are constantly improving our development, and soon you would be able to do so from your profile section.

If you choose to delete your account, all your active membership will be cancelled from subscribers. however, we are obligated to keep your account record with all transactions history for 60 days before we delete your all your information.

Deleting your account

please visit "Edit Profile Section" in your dashboard, and select delete my account.

Please note, while deleting your account, you will asked to confirm/re-confirm password to process your request.